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Himalayan Organics Certified Organic Pumpkin Seeds - Rich in Fiber & Minerals - Helps in Peaceful Sleep & Healthy Muscles- 200g

Himalayan Organics Certified Organic Pumpkin Seeds - Rich in Fiber & Minerals - Helps in Peaceful Sleep & Healthy Muscles- 200g

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Are you bored of healthy food? Do you always jump to snacks to fulfill your cravings? We heard you! And so here is the solution - Himalayan Organics Organic Pumpkin Seeds! These are flavourful nutritional snacks that will easily substitute any packet of junk, satisfy your cravings & give you the gift of health too. What’s more? We have sourced them from sustainable farms & extracted the seeds just the way they are to charge you with the real power of Natural Pumpkin Seeds. These unroasted & unsalted flavourful seeds serve as high-quality nutrition for your heart, treat you with relaxed & peaceful sleep along with sturdy muscles. Amigos, trick your body into eating healthy & tasty treats with 100% Vegan, Pure & Organic Pumpkin Seeds.

SOUND & RELAXING SLEEP: Who would have thought that snacky seeds can support a good night’s sleep too? Pumpkin Seeds can, though! They contain tryptophan, a natural amino acid vital for peaceful sleep. Moreover, they also have zinc & magnesium that converts tryptophan to serotonin to melatonin, thus enhancing your sleep cycle.

MUSCULAR HEALTH: Himalayan Organics Organic Pumpkin Seeds is a natural nutrition to make your muscles solid & sturdy. Not only are they rich in magnesium content but also in protein, fiber & zinc that stimulate metabolic activity as well as support in maintaining muscle health.

OVERALL HEART FUNCTIONING: Perky Pumpkin is also there to make your heart healthy. With a rich content of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc & fatty acids, Pumpkin Seeds discourages cholesterol oxidation & regulates blood pressure Levels. Pumpkin is also known to enhance nitric oxide production, essential for smooth blood flow & a relaxed heart.

DELICIOUS NUTRITION: Himalayan Organics Organic Pumpkin Seeds has an impressive nutrient profile & at the same time, it is exciting nutrition support. You can munch it raw as a snack, bake it into cookies, tarts, or more, and can even add it into puddings, dips, smoothies, juices for delicious & healthful drinks.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT: At Himalayan Organics, every product is finely developed, keeping in mind the concept of holistic wellness. So are Himalayan Organics Organic Pumpkin Seeds. It is a Certified Organic Product formulated with Organic Pumpkin, which is sourced from sustainable farms & processed in clean facilities so that your body gets the purest nutrition it deserves.

Customer Reviews

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Tastes Stale


Some seeds are brownish in color n they taste like rotten seeds.


Its basically useful as a nutrient not as much for taste.

Dear Jyoti,Thanks for review!


Liked the fact that it’s fresh and tastes good. Lately I am into seeds and unprocessed food. These are good munching options.

Dear Purvi,Thanks for great review!


It's a salty product with different taste. please don't eat