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Himalayan Organics Plant Based Biotin 10000 mcg for Hair Growth - 120 Veg Capsules

Himalayan Organics Plant Based Biotin 10000 mcg for Hair Growth - 120 Veg Capsules

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Time for Youthful Feeling!

Biotin, also called Vitamin H, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body cannot store. Hence, it is essential to incorporate it into your daily diet for optimal balance. But due to your busy life, you are unable to do that. Now no more! Himalayan Organics Plant-based Biotin fulfills the daily requirement of Biotin through plant-based extracts like Sesbania Grandiflora Leaves, Cauliflower, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Potato, Spinach Leaves, Beetroot, Green Amla. It nourishes your scalp, strengthens hair follicles, promotes a youthful glow, and beautifies nails. Time for a youthful self with Biotin!


Plant-based ingredients for youthful self!

Sesbania Grandiflora
It is a potent antioxidant that combats damage causing radicals and discourages aging, leading to wrinkle-free skin.

High in protein and rich in healthy fats and antioxidants, it manages inflammation, supports healthy immune cells, and encourages healthy hair growth.

Sweet Potato
It increases healthy skin cell production, boosts collagen production, moisturizes skin, nourishes the scalp bed, and neutralizes free radicals.

Superfood for smooth skin texture, Spinach promotes glowing skin, combats aging molecules, and ensures blemish-free skin.


All Natural Youthful Look!

GLOWING SHINY SKIN: Himalayan Organics Plant-based Biotin has all-natural ingredients that promote radiant skin. These ingredients combat aging molecules, neutralize free radicals, ensure the growth of healthy skin cells, boost collagen production, and discourages fine lines and wrinkles. It also eliminates skin toxins for radiant skin.

STRONG NAILS: Nails beautify you more. But you are always troubled with broken nails or unproportionate growth. Now no more! This supplement ensures strong nail cuticles and nourished growth for beautiful nails.

HAPPY HEALTHY HAIR: Biotin is an essential vitamin for smooth, frizz-free, and healthy hair. It enhances the keratin infrastructure of your body, provides nourishment to your hair, strengthens hair follicles, hydrates hair, and ensures smooth hair growth. Time for a smooth hair flip!

NOURISHING INGREDIENTS: Himalayan Organics Plant-based Biotin is an amalgamation of all nourishing ingredients sourced from lush green farms. It includes Sesbania Grandiflora Leaves, Cauliflower, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Potato, Spinach Leaves, Beetroot, and Green Amla.

Customer Reviews

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Akshay Jais

Hey Can i Take Biotin Tablets and DHT blocker together?..

Dear Akshay,Greetings of the day!Yes you can take both supplement together there is no issue.

Mohammed azaruddin

Can i make powder of tablets and make paste and apply for forhead??

Dear Mohammed,Greetings of the day!No, its a dietary supplement, consume tablet daily. Don't break the tablet and its not for the external use.

Sudha joshi

Hey it's great to use this...Really after using this capsules my hair fall is reduced. I can see the results in 15 days...much better

Dear Sudha,Greetings of the day!Thank you for your positive response!

Shashikala Shivakumar.

Recently searched for this vitamin supplement. And I found a very good reviews. So want to know some more information about this product..

Yes, You can take, for more query you can mail us at


why the tablets are white and so powdery as opposed to the capsule form (which when dissolved in water used to turn reddish indicating the beetroot as one of the ingredients). Tablets look so synthetic.
Could you please explain??