Argan Oil

Argan Oil - “Liquid gold for golden health.” !

A culinary staple of Morocco, and a largely loved beauty ingredient, Argan Oil is no less than a magic ingredient for your daily life beauty and food products. The oil is derived from the argan tree fruit kernels and serves a subtle nutty flavour with many health benefits. Argan oil contains high amounts of phenolic compounds and fatty acids, mostly from oleic and linoleic acid. It is also rich in Vitamin E and has strong antioxidants derived from CoQ10, melatonin, and plant sterols, and anti-inflammatory properties that protects against several diseases. With its anti-aging properties, the oil is widely used for hair and skin care products.

“Argan Oil is one of the most prized oils in the world.”

Some Amazing Benefits 

  • It’s a great source of Omega-6, lowers heart disease risk, reduces LDL cholesterol and helps manage blood sugar levels.
  • It has anti-aging properties for skin and commonly used topically for benefits, it also helps reduce inflammation.
  • It enhances hair health, reduces breakage, maintains moistures, and help manage frizz.
  • High antioxidant properties help heal wounds faster with reduced inflammation.

Frequently asked questions


● What are the benefits of Argan oil for skin?

There are numerous benefits of argan oil for skin, including protection from sun damage, retaining moisture on the skin, helpful in reducing acne, healing skin infection, and having anti-aging effects.

Does argan oil help in managing hair health??

Yes, argan oil is widely used for its commonly known hair benefits, including conditioning and moisturising hair, enhancing scalp health, preventing styling and colouring damage, and combating hair loss.

● How can we use argan oil for hair?

You can find argan oil hair products range. Its always better to nourish your hair with the oil with the four step routine with Argan oil hair mask, hair oil, shampoo and conditioner to observe results for better hair health.

● Is the argan oil used in culinary is different from the argan oil used for beauty products?

Yes, the oil used in culinary is extracted from roasted kernels of the argan tree, thus has the nutty flavour, while the oil used in cosmetics is extracted from raw kernels.

Fun facts about Argan

  • Since Morocco’s climate is drying, the moroccan argan oil’s moisturising property is nature’s way to help you cope with the climate.
  • Moroccan Argan forests are UNESCO world heritage sites as moroccan argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world.
  • Argan oil harvesting is a traditional skill that has been passed on to generations after generations since years.
  • Argan oil harvesting is a great source for economically empowering thousands of moroccan women.
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