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Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster | Supports Muscle & Energy Boost | With Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Tribulus, Ashwagandha & Safed Musli | 90 Veg Tabs


Time to pump up your performance & become an exuberant person with Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster Tablets. A synergistic blend of powerful ingredients like Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek Extract, D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, Magnesium Citrate, and Zinc Citrate that bring out the best in you by making you robust, stronger & vigorous. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic & aphrodisiac properties of these ingredients help you to achieve your fitness & reproductive health goals. Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster Tablets stimulate testosterone levels, heighten athletic performance, enrich muscle mass, discourage stress, energize your body, boost stamina, build strength, and maintain a healthy mood. It is a boon to maximize your body’s output, endurance & resistance. Step up your power, potency & performance!

Synergy of powerful & potent ingredients for POWER-TASTIC You!

Vitamin D3: One of the most potent forms of Vitamin D that regulate your stress levels, elevates mood, supports muscle mass & promotes a leaner body.

D-Aspartic Acid: An amino acid that acts as a building block for synthesis & release of testosterone levels, essential to boost performance, stamina, endurance & reproductive health.

Ashwagandha: An adaptogenic herb that allows your body to cope with emotional, physical & environmental stress, boosts testosterone levels, supports athletic performance & fastens workout recovery.

Safed Musli: A rare & super beneficial herb, having rejuvenating, aphrodisiac, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties that enrich blood circulation & hormone levels for better stamina, quality performance & strength.

Tribulus Terrestris: A highly potent plant used for centuries to heighten testosterone, build muscle mass & have higher potency.


Power-packed active you!

STAMINA & ENDURANCE: Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster Tablets is an advanced formula derived to support reproductive needs. Ingredients like Ashwagandha, D Aspartic Acid, Safed Musli & Tribulus Terrestris are aphrodisiac in nature that enhance blood circulation, boost testosterone levels and support stamina for a longer, better & active performance.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Balanced levels of testosterone also helps in enhancing athletic performance. This formula has Magnesium Citrate (a highly absorbable form of magnesium), Zinc Citrate (a highly absorbable form of Zinc), Vitamin D3 (one of the most potent forms of Vitamin D), and Ashwagandha. Together they enhance your body’s output, build stronger muscle mass, promote a lean & fitter body and fasten post-workout recovery.

STRESS RELIEF: When stress is managed, mood happy & hormones balanced, your body automatically performs better & gives maximum output. Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster Tablets allow your body to cope with physical, emotional & environmental stressors so that you can remain happy & focus your energies on performing better. It supports you to stay active, rejuvenated & stronger so that you easily conquer your daily tasks.

ULTIMATE BLEND: With the help of ingredients like D Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek Extract, Magnesium Citrate & Zinc Citrate & more, Himalayan Organics Testosterone Booster tablets have become a superior blend for your everyday stamina, strength, active & stress-free life.

GLUTEN-FREE SUPPLEMENT: At Himalayan Organics, every product is developed finely, keeping in mind the concept of holistic wellness. These tablets are no exception. Made with a perfect balance of essential nutrients, these tablets are devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts. It is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula for all.

Himalayan Organics L Carnitine 2000mg/Serve | Supports Muscle Recovery, Fat Burn & Energy | 120 Veg Tablets

Daily superfood for all fitness freaks!

Himalayan Organics L Carnitine tablets are developed to support your workout and weight management needs. A combination of naturally powerful extracts, this dietary supplement plays an essential role in the production of energy by transferring fatty acids into your cell’s mitochondria, which engines within your cells and burns fat into energy. A blend of L Carnitine, Green Tea Extracts, and Garcinia Extract, these tablets support muscle recovery, boost stamina, enhances energy levels, and optimizes weight management.


Blend of natural extracts for high energy & endurance!

Green Tea: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that help in fighting exercise-induced free radicals, thereby, relieving inflammation and muscle soreness.

Green Coffee: It is rich in chlorogenic acids — compounds with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

African Mango: Lowers down appetite, reduces fat cell growth, maintains blood cholesterol and triglycerides, boosts the breakdown of fats, and improves blood sugar.

Guggal: Extremely good for bones, nerves, and muscles. Guggulu is highly effective in supporting joints, soothes pain acrosss different parts of the body.

Garcinia: This sour fruit blocks your body's ability to make fat and suppresses your appetite naturally.


MANAGES METABOLISM: The innate properties of L Carnitine manage the metabolism process in the body. It effectively works in converting carbs into energy that also supports weight management.

EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Himalayan Organics L Carnitine tablets also help in sports and exercise performance. It assists in exercise recovery, improves the supply of oxygen to the blood, and supports muscle soreness after exercise.

ADDED BENEFITS: If you are looking for a supplement for overall health, you can surely try Himalayan Organics L Carnitine tablets. L Carnitine is known to regulate blood pressure levels, improve stamina, support muscle recovery and enhance overall performance.

Himalayan Organics Multivitamin Sports with 60 + Vital Nutrients & 13 Performance Blends with Probiotics – 60 Tabs

Refresh, Nourish & Enrich for 20X Performance Every day!

Himalayan Organics Multivitamin Sports is a wholesome superfood for efficient and active functioning. These tablets are a thoughtful combination of vitamins blend, minerals blend, brain & eye blend, joint-care blend, amino acid blend, antioxidants & vitality blends, metabolism blend, weight management blend, testosterone & muscle building blend, and digestive enzyme. It is your soul food for 20X sports performance. Fitness Freaks, Athletes & Performers, time to stay at the top of your game by refreshing, nourishing, and enriching yourselves daily!


A balanced combination of crucial vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts

Vitamin C
A potent antioxidant that combats free radicals and damage-causing molecules to strengthen the immune system, enhance energy levels, and supports smooth functioning.

It builds and maintains strong bones while also aiding heart and muscle functioning.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that manage inflammation, combat oxidative stress, provide relief against pain, and safeguard against the loss of cartilage.

L-Glutamine acts as building blocks for your proteins. It is also a critical fuel source for white blood cells and intestinal cells that guards you against infections and improve performance.

Ginseng is your all-time energy source natural extract that manages fatigue and enhances physical activity by lowering oxidative damage and increasing energy production in cells.

It supports healthy digestion, fastens wound healing, eases muscle soreness, and provides relief against swelling and pain.


A wholesome superfood for

Various vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts in the tablet encourages healthy production of white blood cells, combats free radicals, guards against infections, and strengthens immunity, which is the need of the hour.

Ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that govern inflammation, deal with swelling, overcome muscle soreness, provide relief against pain, and improve muscle elasticity.

These tablets act as a metabolic regulator, influencing several physiological processes crucial to exercise or sports performance. It also supports immune, muscle, joint, digestive, and brain health, allowing them to level up their functioning.

Minerals, Vitamins, and Natural Extracts provide 20X nourishment for the efficient and smooth functioning of your body. It is a superfood for immunity, energy, endurance, eyes, brains, muscle, joints, gut, and athletic activities.

Himalayan Organics Maca Root Extract 800mg - 90 Veg Capsules
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 81 reviews
Rs. 1,265.00 Rs. 799.00

Energy Endurance Exuberance!
Maca, a medicinal root grown in the mountains, is a powerhouse of nutrition. A pool of benefits, this ingredient is a superfood that boosts reproductive health, increases stamina, enhances endurance, manages hormonal levels, and also promotes a cheerful state of life. But it is inconvenient to incorporate it into your daily diet. So, here we are with Himalayan Organics Maca Root, an ultimate source of a healthy and energetic lifestyle. It can be consumed by both men and women.


Backed by highly active & potent Maca Root:

Maca Root
It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds, effective in stimulating energy, supporting reproductive health, enhancing mood, boosting sports performance, and supervising cognitive health.


Active, Energetic & Satisfactory Life!

SUPERFOOD FOR BODY: Himalayan Organics Maca Root is a superfood for your body because of its nutritional values. It’s a good source of carbs and fiber. Besides carbs, it is rich in various essential vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds, such as vitamin C, copper, and iron. In short, it is a superfood with high nutritional value.

ENERGIZE WITH MACA: Maca Root is a superfood to enhance exercise performance. It supports muscle health, boosts energy levels, enhances stamina, escalates endurance, manages sports performance, regulates blood pressure, improves mood, and encourages an energetic lifestyle. Experience a more than satisfactory life and enjoy your dietary routine with Himalayan Organics Maca Root.

SUPPORT TO WOMEN: Maca Root provides relief from menopause symptoms. It balances the levels of estrogen in women, eases hot flashes, manages mood swings and irritability. A potent ingredient to remain calm and healthy during menopause.

GLUTEN-FREE POTION: This product is free from artificial ingredients, coloring, synthetic elements, binders, and fillers. It is devoid of gluten, eggs, milk, or fish that supports reproductive health in men and women, enhances stamina, boosts endurance, and promotes a happy married life.


Himalayan Organics ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium Aspartate) Nighttime Sports Recovery Supplement - 120 Veg Tablets

First choice for all sports freaks!

ZMA dietary Supplement tablets are enriched with zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, that help in the formation of red blood cells, improves mood and nervous system health. Himalayan Organics ZMA, or zinc magnesium aspartate, is a popular supplement among athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. Zinc helps in boosting testosterone levels, Magnesium helps in enhancing metabolism and muscle health along with improving sleep quality. It also contains Vitamin B6 which helps in fostering energy levels.


Essential sports recovery-boosting trio!

Zinc: Zinc, a nutrient found in your body, helps boost your immune system and metabolism. Zinc is also important for wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.

Magnesium: Involved in more than 600 reaction in your body, including:

Energy creation: Converts food to fuel.

Protein formation: Forms new proteins from amino acids.

Gene maintenance: Creates, repairs DNA and RNA.

Muscle movements: Contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Nervous system regulation: Helps regulate neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system.


IMMUNITY BOOSTING PROPERTIES: Himalayan Organics ZMA acts as an immunity booster when used consistently as per bodily needs. The right amount of Zinc amplifies wound healing, cell growth and relieves the risks of infections, thus improving your immunity in the long run.

Zinc and Magnesium are a perfect combination for improving sleep quality. Himalayan Organics ZMA has a perfect balance of both minerals which activates your nervous system, relaxes mind, and promotes peaceful sleep.

These capsules will manage blood sugar levels in your body as Magnesium improves the body’s ability to use insulin, an essential hormone required for maintaining adequate blood sugar levels.

Magnesium is vital for optimal brain functioning. With an adequate quantity of Magnesium, these tablets help manage depression & mood swings.

Himalayan Organics Plant Based CLA 1000 Fat Burner Supplement - 90 Veg Capsules
Rated 4.3 out of 5
Based on 27 reviews
Rs. 1,175.00 Rs. 699.00

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a group of essential fatty acids found in eggs & dairy products. However, these foods may not fulfil the daily requirement of CLA. Along with this, the consumption of dairy products often result in fat accumulation. Himalayan Organics CLA 1000 supplement promotes excess fat burning naturally without any imbalance. CLA supplement provides the optimal amount of CLA required to burn your body fat without any side effects. Along with the balanced diet & regular exercise, CLA work wonders in helping you maintain optimal levels of weight as per your height!



Safflower Oil: Safflower Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Safflower. Safflower oil is a popular cooking oil that comes from the seeds of the safflower plant. It is known to facilitate the decongestion of pores while promoting cell regeneration to minimize the appearance of scars and signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, for a smooth, youthful glow & appearance.

CLA: Conjugated linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid found in foods like safflower, corn, nuts and oil seeds. CLA has been shown to prove effective for all those who want to loose body fat without shedding their lean muscle mass.


SAFER FAT LOSS: Himalayan Organics CLA 1000 has a pool of benefits ranging from burning body fat, enhancing energy, burning calories during workout, etc. It is extremely helpful for all those who want to get into shape without following crash diets or high intensity workouts.

Apart from aiding in naturally faster fat loss, CLA has shown wonderful benefits in improving your body's overall metabolism. This specially balanced dietary formula works on a series of biochemical reactions that improves your overall health & metabolism while promoting weight loss.

Adding CLA 1000 in your daily routine is one of the best ways to infuse antioxidants in your body. This potent antioxidant aids in lessening body fat deposits while improving immune functions.

Bones are one of the essential components of our body. CLA has shown to promote bone strength. It increases the body’s ability to absorb calcium faster.

Himalayan Organics Nitric Oxide with L- Arginine HCI 1400mg/Serve with Caffeine | 60 Veg Capsules

Daily Dose to Fuel Your Daily Performance!

Did you know Nitric Oxide is one of the most important molecules for your blood vessel health? Did you know Nitric Oxide directly or indirectly affects your sports performance and post-workout recovery? Did you know that it is essential to maintain a balance of Nitric Oxide in the body for healthy blood flow and oxygen transportation? Well, now you know! Himalayan Organics Nitric Oxide Supplement is a perfect balance of amino acids and plant-based ingredients that enhance the balance of nitric oxide in your body for better performance. An amalgamation of L-arginine, L-citrulline, and beetroot powder, this supplement supplies energy, stamina, endurance, and vitality packed in 1400mg per serving daily. Apart from improved sports performance and post-workout recovery, Nitric Oxide regulates blood pressure levels and balances blood sugar levels for a healthy and active body. Fitness freaks, athletes, bodybuilders, men and women, augment your performance with Himalayan Organics Nitric Oxide Supplement!


Amino Acids & Plant-Based Extracts Ultra-Nourishing Blend

It is the building block of protein that your body cannot produce naturally. Hence, you need to consume it via your daily diet. It is essential as it supports the development of T-cells for better immunity.

L-citrulline is an amino acid which is used to make protein in the body. It increases blood flow to muscles to overcome muscle soreness & fatigue after the performance.

A Superfood having nitrates that naturally convert into nitric oxide in the blood and help widen and relax blood vessels.


Power Up Your Body & Flex Your Arteries!

2X POWER WITH DUO AMINO ACIDS: For the proper balance of nitric oxide, your body needs two amino acids: L-arginine and L-citrulline. Himalayan Organics Nitric Oxide has a perfect balance of these two amino acids that support various bodily functions. L-arginine is the building block of protein that supports the development of T-cells, which are white blood cells that play central roles in the immune response. On the other hand, L-citrulline helps to overcome muscle soreness after the performance.

WHY NITRIC OXIDE?: Nitric Oxide is the main player in your body that supports vasodilation in your body. It is the process in which Nitric Oxide relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels & promotes the proper expansion of blood vessels so that balanced volumes of blood and oxygen can flow through them and reach different parts for smooth and uninterrupted functioning of your body.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in enhancing sports performance and post-workout recovery. L-citrulline not only escalates the production of Nitric Oxide but also regulates muscle soreness. It increases the blood flow to active muscles, enhances nutrient delivery, and eliminates toxins that lead to muscle fatigue, allowing you to recover muscle fatigue quickly and stay energized for your next performance.

FOR GOOD HEALTH: Himalayan Organics Nitric oxide Supplement is a healthy and nourishing formula made with the goodness of L-arginine and L-citrulline. It is enriched with BeetRoot, known to intensify the levels of Nitric Oxide without any harm. The proper balance of nitric oxide relaxes the cells that make blood vessels for arterial flexibility and enhances blood flow without any pressure. It keeps your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check for a healthy body.

GLUTEN-FREE FORMULA: At Himalayan Organics, every product is developed finely, keeping in mind the concept of holistic wellness. These are no exception. Devoid of gluten, soy, dairy, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, the capsules are 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula for all.

Himalayan Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement for Body Detoxification & Supports Digestive Health - 90 Veg Capsules
Your Natural Body Detoxifier!

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugar from apples. This simply turns it into acetic acid, which is the main active ingredient in vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic and has antimicrobial properties. It helps improve the skin barrier and minimizes the risk of infections. Raw apple cider vinegar also contains Natural probiotics (friendly bacteria), which may help with your immune system and gut health. Himalayan Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules have been prepared using the finest Apple Cider Vinegar extracts that help keep your digestion healthy while detoxifying your body!

Be the fittest & healthiest version of you!

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar comes from apples that have been crushed, distilled, and then fermented. Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid, minerals, soluble fiber and live enzymes and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-glycemic properties.
WHY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR?: Apple cider vinegar or ACV, is made from the fermented apple juice. Himalayan Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules contains the purest extracts of Apple Cider Vinegar & contains elements such as acetic acid, minerals, soluble fiber, and live enzymes with health restorative benefits.

STABILIZES BLOOD SUGAR: Managing your blood sugar is the key to overall good health & weight management while maintaining energy and focus. When your blood sugar isn't normal, you experience fatigue, hunger pangs & your body produces more insulin, which promotes fat storage.

FITNESS WITH DETOXIFICATION: Being an incredible ingredient for centuries, these Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules provide healthy digestion, work as a natural detoxifier & promote crystal clear skin. Get all these benefits in these super convenient and easy to take capsules!

CAPSULES ARE MUCH BETTER THAN JUICE: Even though raw, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar comes with many health benefits; the liquid apple cider vinegar has a sour taste which can leave the mouth feeling raw. Himalayan Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules contains with each of them containing 500 mg of pure ACV powder equivalent to about 2 teaspoons of liquid apple cider vinegar & is easy to swallow everyday!

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