Edible from the tip to the root !

Edible from the tip of its leaves to the end of the root, Beets are consumed as sugar, leafy greens, root vegetable, and animal feed. Beetroots contain antioxidants known as carotenoids, flavonoids, and betalains. Beet juice is the richest dietary source of nitrate, the compound of blood that improves its flow in the body. The versatile vegetable is native to Mediterranean Region and can be harvested from June to February.

It's juice a great drink for summers, while soup is best for winters

Some Amazing Benefits 

  • Beets help the heart and lungs work better during exercise, improving your athletic performance.
  • Enriched with folate, beets control the damage in blood vessels and help prevent heart diseases.
  • The nitrate in beets helps blood vessels relax, regulating high blood pressure.
  • The red vegetable promotes good bacteria in the gut, easing your digestion.

Frequently asked questions


● Is beet safe for a diabetic person?

There are no harmful effects recorded of beets for a diabetic person. A normal beet consists of 7 gm of sugar which does not affect blood sugar levels.

Does beet favour obesity?

To serve high calories, a vegetable has to be high in protein and fats, and beet does not contain any of them. Contrary to this, beets actually help lose weight.

● Is beet good for memory and cognitive function?

Beet promotes blood flow in the brain that helps improve brain function. This increases brain responsiveness and capacity to store information.

● Is beet good for pregnant woman?

Yes, beets contain folate and vitamin B, which help to prevent malformations in babies, strengthening the mother as well as the baby.

Some fun facts about Beetroot

  • Beet juice is used as the red dye for hair since the 16th century.
  • Sweet beets are sweeter. The perfect size of a sweet beet is as big as a baseball.
  • Beets are a traditional food for Jewish New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah.
  • Beets should be cooked without being peeled or trimmed, as they contain nutrients.
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