Also known as False Daisy!

Bhringraj is a superfood that serves a ray of benefits. The plant has a greyish, cylindrical root, a solitary flower head of 6-8mm and spikey leaves. Defined bitter, hot, sharp and dry in taste, the plant is rich in alkaloids, polypeptides, steroids, calcium, vitamin D, E, Iron, magnesium and proteins. It is popular for its antioxidant, antibacterial, anticancer, antiviral, antileprotic, antihemorrhagic, analgesic, hypotensive, and ovicidal properties. The herb is native to India and Southern America and found in tropical areas of the globe.

“Bhringraj is also known as ‘Keshraj’ in Assamese and Sanskrit”

Some Amazing Benefits 

  • With vitamin E and antioxidant properties, bhringraj keeps eye and skin problems at bay.
  • Bhringraj is believed to regulate high blood pressure and protect the heart from a number of diseases.
  • Bhringraj’s topical application on the forehead and consumption both are said to relieve migraine pain according to Ayurveda.
  • Best known for hair health, bhringraj aids hair growth, and health.

Frequently asked questions


● Who should avoid bhringraj consumption?

Bhringraj is suggested to be avoided if you are on diuretics or blood thinners. Pregnant and nursing women are also suggested to consult the doctor before consuming it.

Can one apply bhringraj oil daily??

Bhringraj oil is totally safe if applied daily, massaging the scalp with oil is suggested. You can also use the oil as a hair mask.

● How does bringraj promote hair growth?

Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation to the scalp and roots, promoting hair growth. It also contains vitamin E which is beneficial for hair health.

● Can bhringraj be used in any other form than oil?

There are numerous ways to consume bhringraj. To consume it in juices, tablets, powders, and supplements, bhringraj powder is also used topically.

Fun facts about Bhrinjraj

  • Bhringraj’ Spanish name “Yerba de Tago” which means “Herbs that Grows in the Ditch”.
  • When crushed, the leaves of bhringraj produce a kind of ink that is used for tattoos, and thus called “the tattoo plant”. In Ayurveda, bhringraj is believed to be rejuvenating for “Pitta Dosh”.
  • In some areas, bhringraj is also used to cure scorpion bites.
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