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Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil Control Hair Fall - 200ml
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 215 reviews
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Massage your Hair for Complete Care!

Himalayan Organics brings to you the ancient Indian hair treatment from Ayurveda - Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil for hair growth. Bhringraj is a therapeutic ayurvedic herb with an Indian origin, known for its calming properties that helps to cool the scalp and manage inflammation, discouraging hair loss. It is your intensive hair care therapy that regulates hair loss, irritation, and dandruff for long, lustrous hair with a healthy black shine. Massage your way with Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil every day!

Fortify Nutrify Glorify with ultra-rich ingredients!

Amla : helps strengthen the scalp and hair. It stimulates hair growth and scalp strength along with managing hair and scalp infections

Bhringraj : combats dandruff and dry scalp and helps in hair growth. It also manages hair fall along with graying of hair.

Aloe Vera : contains Vitamin A, C, and E that contributes to cell turnover and promotes healthy hair cell growth. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny.

Curry leaves : are loaded with properties that can work wonders for your hair and lead to hair growth. They are rich in antioxidants and proteins that neutralize the free radicals and keep your hair healthy and strong. Sesame It triggers hair growth by nourishing the roots with their rich omega fatty acids content. It also helps in moisturizing the scalp and improves blood circulation to rejuvenate hair follicles.

Fortified with natural extracts for complete hair care!!

FASTER HAIR GROWTH FORMULA: Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil is a nutrifying formula fortified with 10 natural extracts known for powerful hair benefits. Bhringraj oil deeply conditions your hair to the roots by supplying all the essential nutrients to them. It is food for your scalp that strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair fall, and promotes strong hair growth.

 SLOWS DOWN PREMATURE GREYING OF HAIR: Due to the high antioxidant content in Bhringraj, this oil is good to delay premature greying hair. The active constituents in bhringaraj 'The king of herbs' hair oil, are extremely beneficial in restoring natural colour of your hair.

 INTENSIVE HAIR THERAPY: This hair oil is your intensive hair therapy that improves blood circulation, combats free radicals, manages inflammation of hair, quells dandruff, discourages irritation, nourishes the dry scalp, and maintains the natural color of hair. An all-in-one hair care product for everyday healthy hair!

 HOLISTIC HAIR CARE: Massage your hair every day with Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil as it is your personal potion for holistic hair care. Made with the goodness of 10 natural extracts oil like Sesame Oil, Curry Leaf Oil, Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, and more, it is your complete hair care guide that regulates various issues to promote strong hair every day. For best results, pair it with Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Shampoo and Conditioner

Himalayan Organics Onion Hair Oil Control Hair Fall - 250ml
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 207 reviews
Rs. 975.00 Rs. 399.00

Let your hair relish natural hair growth boost!

Himalayan Organics Onion Oil is formulated with the finest natural extracts that help relieve a number of hair problems such as hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, itching scalp, etc. Onions have potent anti-bacterial properties and thus, promote healthy growth of hair naturally. The oil is rich in sulphur, which is known to minimize breakage and thinning of hair, thereby reducing hairfall. This onion hair growth oil is formulated with the most sought after ingredients known to significantly boost hair growth. It deeply lubricates hair follicles and scalp bed, moisturises hair strands, and penetrates deep into the hair follicle for well-nourished hair.
- No Parabens
- No Sulfates
- Cruelty-free
- Women Made, Women Powered

HAIR FALL CONTROL: Onion’s rich antibacterial properties help keep your scalp healthy and free of infection, promoting hair growth. It stimulates your scalp and improves the circulation of blood, resulting in follicles that are well-nourished.

NOURISHES HAIR: Himalayan Organics onion oil for hair growth is formulated with 8 essential oils known to significantly boost hair growth. It immediately lubricates your hair follicles and scalp bed. It nourishes your locks while also provides intense hydration.

STIMULATES SCALP BLOOD CIRCULATION: Applying onion oil has a soothing effect on your nerves. The onion oil relaxes muscles and makes you feel relaxed & calm.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: It hydrates and smooths frizz in all hair types, but that's just the start! Use Himalayan Organics Onion Oil to make your hair more manageable, add silky volume, fortify against brittleness and breakage, brighten dull colour and repair hair damage. It is suitable for all hair types.

Himalayan Organics Hair Tonic To Delay Grey Hair - 200ml
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 253 reviews
Rs. 975.00 Rs. 450.00

A tonic for everyone's permanent crown!

Himalayan Organics Hair Tonic is a blend of Bhringraj oil, Sunflower oil, Triphala, Chamomile, Hibiscus extracts, Rose extracts and many other botanical herbs and oils. Together, these wonder herbs serve as an intensive hair care potion that not only helps reduce hair fall, dandruff but also promotes healthy hair growth. Himalayan Organics Hair Tonic contains Apigenin extracted from Chamomile flower and thus, acts as an all-in-one formula to get healthy hair naturally.

CONTAINS EPIGENIN EXTRACTED FROM CHAMOMILE FLOWER: Different classes of bioactive constituents are present in chamomile, which has been isolated and used as medicinal preparations and cosmetics.

BOTANICAL HAIR TONIC: With natural actives, Himalayan Organics Hair Tonic creates a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity, which increases melanin levels in the hair roots. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a perfect Hair Tonic for Itchy Scalp.

HAIR STRENGTHENING & GROWTH: Chamomile’s strong medicinal properties help in strengthening the hair from roots. This uniquely formulated Hair Tonic for scalp and hair length works wonderfully to increase hair volume and length.

BEST FOR PREMATURE GREYING OF HAIR: The Powerful Botanical Actives and Apigenin helps increase the melatonin levels in the body leading to lesser grey hair growth.

Himalayan Organics Castor Oil for Stronger Hair, Skin & Nails - 200ml

Glow today and forever naturally!

Himalayan Organics bring you Cold Press 100 % Pure Castor Oil sourced from the finest seeds of the castor plant without using heat or chemical solvents. A go-to moisturizer for hair, skin, nails, and even eyelashes, it works as an emollient that soothes flaky skin, hydrates your skin, and makes it softer. Not just that, it also develops a protective barrier on your skin and guards you against moisture loss. For hair, it acts no less than a lubricant that conditions your hair strands, increases hair flexibility, and promotes healthy hair growth. Rich in proteins, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, it replenishes the scalp’s natural oils, promotes even tone glowing skin, strengthens nails, and allows your eyebrows to grow thicker and fuller.

Packed with highly potent, active, and nourishing Castor Seeds

Castor Seeds Also known as Castor beans, it deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Having antimicrobial properties, castor seeds are known to rejuvenate your skin by clearing out dead skin, combat radicals, and promote the healthy growth of skin cells. It is no less than a natural hair conditioner as it deeply moisturizes dry hair, lubricates the hair shaft, enhances hair flexibility, and keeps your hair soft and hydrated. 

Natural Nourishment for your Hair & Skin Enrichment!

SKIN HEALTH: Get all glowing skin with Himalayan Organics Castor Oil. Rich in fatty acids and ricinoleic acid, castor oil helps lock moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of the skin and regulates pain and inflammation caused due to acne and breakouts. As a result, it smoothens and softens your skin, allowing you to get all glowy, radiant, and hydrated skin.

HAIR HEALTH: Himalayan Organics Castor Oil has powerful effects on your hair as well. It has excellent properties that deeply nourish your scalp bed, promote a conditioning effect on your hair, lubricates hair follicles, and enhances hair flexibility keeping your hair soft and hydrated. It also conditions your nail cuticles making them stronger.

EXTRACTED BY COLD PRESS METHOD: Himalayan Organics Castor Oil Hair Mask is natural, undiluted, and cold-pressed from the finest seeds of the Castor plant without using any heat or chemical solvents. It is prepared by the cold-pressing method to ensure all the nutrients and vitamins remain intact in the final product. In short, it is a must-have product for glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy eyebrows and eyelashes.

Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair Growth - 200ml
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 242 reviews
Rs. 975.00 Rs. 499.00

Moroccan Argan Oil for intense hair therapy!

Used for centuries by the people of Morocco, Argan Oil is famous for its antioxidant-rich moisturizing & nourishing properties. Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil is a blend of all-natural essential oils namely Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Almond oil, etc. that help promote hair growth while providing intense hydration to your scalp hair & skin. It acts as a natural emollient & curbs hair damage caused by free radicals or styling tools. Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil helps restore, replenish & strengthen weak and brittle hair & cuticles in both men & women. This daily hair care therapy is safe & effective for several hair-related problems such as hair fall, thinning of hair, hair damage, frizz, etc.

Goodness of 8 Essential Oils poured into one: -

Argan Oil: Deeply moisturizes scalp and protects hair from everyday damage. - Castor Oil: Contains ricinoleic acid; stimulates blood circulation over the scalp. -

Almond Oil: Rich in Vitamin B-7 or Biotin, it helps soften & strengthen hair. - Jojoba Oil: Contains high amounts of Vitamin C, B & E; prevents hair loss. 

Lavender Oil: Deeply conditions & keeps your tresses soft, shiny & healthy. 

Rosemary Oil: This plant essential oil helps in dandruff & premature greying of hair. 

Sesame Oil: Has occlusive properties, thus, helps prevent dry, flaky & itchy scalp. 

Peppermint Oil: Helps improve hair growth & curb hair loss to a great extent.


FOR DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR: Get this magical potion and bid farewell to dry dull and frizzy hair. Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo treats your dry scalps and protects against environmental damage.

DEEP NOURISHMENT: This pure argan oil of Morocco has natural moisturizing properties, it hydrates the skin and it repairs and strengthens hair follicles. Works wonderfully if paired with Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner.

BLEND OF ARGAN OIL, BHRINGRAJ, AMLA, SHIKAKAI, and REETHA: Works in harmony to strengthen hair strands and helps in building good texture and lustrous shine.

PURE ARGAN OIL LOADED WITH VITAMIN E AND OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: This natural argan oil from Morocco improves hair health with natural nutrients known to strengthen hair and follicles.

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