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Himalayan Organics Kidney Detox | Gokhru Punarnava | Varun & Patharchatta Leaf Extracts | Natural Diuretic & Dissolution 100% Natural Supplement - 60 Tablets

Himalayan Organics Kidney Detox | Gokhru Punarnava | Varun & Patharchatta Leaf Extracts | Natural Diuretic & Dissolution 100% Natural Supplement - 60 Tablets

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  • Plant Based Formula for Stronger Lungs! Made with natural ingredients like Vasaka Leaf, Arjuna Bark, Beetroot, Stinging Nettle, Kateri, Trikatu, Punarnava, Echinacea, Curcumin & Piperine.
  • Breathe Easily! Breathe Freely! No need to worry about seasonal breathing problems. Time to keep your lungs healthy & detoxed.
  • Don’t let your lungs turn older & weaker: With the increasing pollution & toxins, it is easy for the lungs to turn older quickly. Help them now!
  • Why is lung detox necessary? So that your lungs can optimize oxygen intake & you don’t feel breathless easily.


RESPIRATORY SUPPORT: Improves the oxygen intake capabilities & regulates the damage-causing radicals.
MUCUS CLEANSING: Relieves congestion by allowing mucus to break down & move out of the respiratory tract.
HEALTHY BREATHING: Help with seasonal breathing problems & supports clear airways for smooth breathing.
Key Ingredients


Vasaka Leaf - It has abundant bioactive compounds and intrinsic properties like bronchodilatory effects, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antioxidant & anti-microbial, all known to support lung functioning.

Arjuna Bark - It is loaded with mucolytic properties & is known to balance kapha & pitta, relieve congestion & improve lung function.

Beetroot - Rich in nitrates that relax blood vessels, increase oxygen uptake & allows lungs to perform better.

Stinging Nettle - It discourages inflammation so that your respiratory system can optimize oxygen transportation.


Who can consume it?


Anyone who wants to maintain lung health can take 2 tablets of this product. Pregnant women, nursing mothers or individuals with any medical condition should consult their doctor first.
What does bronchodilatory mean?


Bronchodilatory effect relaxes the muscles in the lungs & allows the airways to open, increasing airflow to the lungs.
What are the guidelines for healthy lungs?


Stay away from places with excessive air pollution, don’t smoke, avoid alcohol consumption, regularly do yoga exercises for breathing & avoid exposure to toxins.
What is the role of Trikatu in lung health?


Trikatu is a mixture of three spices - ginger, black pepper & long pepper. These three spices are known to support the lungs by regulating mucus deposition, congestion & inflammation.
Is it safe for long-term usage?


Yes, it is an expert-approved & vegan formula made as per regulatory standards, making it fit for consumption & side-effect free.


Customer Reviews

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Does this help in blood purification also?

Himalayan Organics Kidney Detox supplement minimizes the risk of kidney disease with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & diuretic properties.

Vishav jeet Playa

great product nice service by Himalayan organics!

Greetings of the day, Thank you for your feedback

Kanchan Gaikwad

his product for kidney detox is really helpful for everyone great results!

Greetings of the day, Thank you for your feedback

maria william

please share content and how to use kidney detox.

The ingredients used in kidney detox are Patharchatta, Punarnava, Ganoderma, Gokhru, Varun Bark, Piperine. The dosage of kidney detox is 2 tablets per day with water 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner.


good product results excellent.

Greetings of the day, Thank you for your feedback.