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Himalayan Organics Vitamin A Supplement Supports Healthy Eye Sight | Natural Anti-Oxidant (120 Capsules)

Himalayan Organics Vitamin A Supplement Supports Healthy Eye Sight | Natural Anti-Oxidant (120 Capsules)

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  • ‘A’ for all-rounder health! Vision | Cognition | Skin | Immune | Reproduction | Cellular Development
  • Fulfil daily levels of Vitamin A Get 840mcg of Vitamin A naturally & don’t let your vitamin A levels drop
  • Vitamin with ‘A’bundant intrinsic properties Vitamin A is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene & more
  • Get an ‘A’ for your body No preservatives. No artificial substances. No harsh chemicals. Only natural ingredients!


HEALTHY VISION: Vitamin A discourages retinal degradation & lets the eyes see better in dim light.
STRONG IMMUNITY: Rich in antioxidants, it stimulates immune cell response & prevents infections.
BETTER SKIN STRUCTURE: Plays a significant role in epithelial cell formation & collagen synthesis.
Key Ingredients


Sweet Potato An incredibly nutrient-rich vegetable loaded with Beta-carotene that supports healthy vision & cognition

Triphala Loaded with intrinsic properties that discourage inflammation, oxidative stress & damage from harmful radicals.


Is Vitamin A important for cellular health?


Vitamin A ensures strong cellular health. It looks after cellular sensitivity, functioning & development so that your body can perform at its best.
How does Vitamin A help reproductive health?


Vitamin A is essential for male & reproductive health. It helps to boost testosterone levels, maintain fertility in both men and women, decrease the chances of low sperm count & more.
Does it cause any digestive issues?


No. In fact, Vitamin A is a readily absorbable formula made using Triphala that keeps the digestive system healthy. So it is readily accepted by the body & does not cause any reflux action or acidity.
Which food items are rich in Vitamin A?


Apart from supplements, add foods rich in Vitamin A like sweet potatoes, carrots, mango, spinach, papaya, kale & more. You can even consult our expert dietician for a meal plan.
Are there any side effects?


Himalayan Organics Plant Based Vitamin A is a vegan formula made under expert supervision as per the RDA protocols & certified by relevant bodies, making it perfectly fit for consumption & side-effect free.

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